Friday, 11 October 2013

robins, bluebirds and fingerprints

I have been making some fingerprint robin Christmas cards, to add to my stock of cards for fairs. Here are the Twelve Robins of Christmas.
Fingerprint robins are great.
I also made some Twelve Bluebirds of Happiness cards.
Bluebirds are equally satisfying.
The idea came from a fantastic book, brilliant design, printed on beautiful paper, one of the most high quality craft books ever.
 Also planned are the Twelve Snowmen of Winter, and something apocalyptic to do with blackbirds.


  1. They're very cute - looking forward to the apocalyptic blackbirds ... (!)

  2. Are you having a Hitchcock moment? Love the robins - await blackbirds with trepidation...

  3. Oh wow! (I say that a lot at your blog). What about a pie-shaped card opening onto four-and-twenty of them?

  4. That's an excellent idea, Lucy - I will have a go at creating such card!